IAS Interview Tips


A half-hour practice called an IAS interview has the power to alter your life. A good score in the UPSC interview can sometimes separate a candidate from other applicants by more than 100 points in a little under 30 minutes. Being the last round, one would have an unbeatable advantage in India's most difficult competition, the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE).

Even though the final rank list is created by adding the scores from the UPSC mains exam and the interview, it frequently happens that the top interviewers also make the final selection list.

Here are the top 5 rules for acing an IAS interview.

1. Start off early!

It's crucial to keep time from slipping away. begin early. Don't wait for the UPSC Civil Services Main Exam results. Develop your individuality as soon as feasible.

2. Identify Yourself

The main issue with us is that we don't completely understand ourselves. The inside of a human person is covered in many skins that go deep into the heart. We are quite knowledgeable, yet we are not aware of ourselves. Try to become aware of all the diverse, even obscure, facets of your personality. Try to overcome any personality flaws that may make you an unsuitable IAS official.

3. Recheck your biography several times.

The candidate's biodata will form the basis for the majority of the questions during the UPSC interview. Each member of the board will get a copy of the Detailed Application Form (DAF). It is crucial to avoid making mistakes when answering personal inquiries. Reread your bio several times, and be ready for queries about your interests, training, employment history, preferred services, etc

4. Adopt an optimistic outlook

The IAS interview is the subject of several myths and rumors. It's possible that you've had negative interview encounters in the past. However, resist allowing doubt to destroy your prospects. Don't stress about things that are out of your control, such as the interview panel, the position, the questions, etc. Aim for success.

5. Be serious when you go into the UPSC interview.

Take the procedure and your queries seriously. Respect the board members who participated in your personality assessment. Never undervalue the board's members. They have a wealth of expertise and experience. Be cautious while answering important questions.

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