Director's Message

Toppers' Mantra from Topper Himself

Dear Students,

       When i used to prepare for civil services, i could not find anyone who could just tell me the right way and stop me if i was going wrong. Probably because people who clear this exam become unaccessible & sometimes unresponsive too.

      When i took 4 years to clear this exam, my brother took only 2 years. After clearing the exam multiple times and having met many topper friends during training at LBSNAA, i reached this conclusion that this exam has certain strategy and once one understands that, one easily and repeatedly clears this exam. And probably this could be the reason why someone who has family member in civil services clears exam more easily.

       We have already guided more than 1000 students in last 10 years and we ENSURE you a seat at LBSNAA by providing you the most meticulously designed guidance. 


Sachin Jain

IRS- 2016 AIR 286 | ACP - 2015 AIR 712

Founder, Director - ENSURE IAS