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IAS | Balaghat, MP, B.Tech NIT Nagpur

My journey of UPSC was little lengthy and then I realized that right direction is very important for this exam. Luckily, I got ENSURE IAS where Sachin Jain Sir, who himself was an IRS Officer simplified my preparation drastically by providing me mind maps which converted 5O pages into 3-4 pages.


AIR-590 | IPS Engineering from IIT Jodhpur

The most important thing to crack this exam is the right direction under the right mentorship. And I remained extremely lucky in this regard because I got ENSURE IAS especially Sachin Jain Sir who provided me with the right direction for all 3 stages perfectly (Prelims, Mains, and interview).


AIR-457 | IRS | B. Tech from Guru Gobind Sìngh Indraprastha University

1st stage (Prelims) is most important stage for this exam because it is the entry gate to get final success in this exam. And for this stage, Sachin Sir is the perfect Mentor because Sir himself qualified Prelims exam all times. I feel lucky for having guidance under Sachin Sir.


AIR-436 | IAS | Electrical Engineer, IIT Indore

I started my IAS preparation at IIT Itself. Sachin Jain Sir was my 1st Mentor for this preparation. Sir used to come to IIT Indore in 2014 and used to guide us about all requirements of IAS exam. That foundation laid by Sir was so strong that I finally cracked Civil Services and got IAS.


AIR-415 | IAS | Graduation, Miranda House, University of Delhi

ENSURE IAS played the most important role in my success that I could crack IAS in my 1st attempt itself. Sachin Sir guided me on how much time I should allot to any subject and how should I write answers in the main exam. Moreover, Sachin Sir guided me in developing the required personality traits from the interview point of view.


AIR -120 | IAS | Civil Engineering from IIT-BHU

These days Prelims Pattern has become quite uncertain and Sachin Sir has guided me for Prelims so well that I did not find Prelims difficult at all. Sir’s guidance in improving my articulation skills for the mains exam was also extremely helpful. I was lucky to have his guidance for the exam.


AIR-94 | IFS | Calcutta University in zoology honors

Sachin Sir helped me immensely to crack IFS in my 1st attempt itself. The best thing about ENSURE IAS is that it has many toppers to guide aspirants which makes preparation to the point. And Sir helped me in managing the stress during the interview.


AIR-70 |IAS | MBBS from Government Medical College (GMCH) in Chandigarh

ENSURE IAS has played the most important role in my top 100 rank in 1st attempt itself. I was lucky to have the guidance of Sachin Sir. He actually converted very difficult concepts into extremely easy mind maps and diagrams. Now I can say that there is no substitute to guidance directly from a topper.


AIR-64 | IAS | Civil Engineering from MNNIT, Allahabad

No mentor can be better than Sachin Jain Sir as he himself cracked IAS two times and he understands the nuances of the exam very well like what difficulty can come for the student in the process. Sir’s mind maps were extremely amazing which converted 50 pages into just 3-4 pages and the entire chapter could be revised in just 15 minutes.



Sachin Sir regularly guided me on how to make notes, diagrams, and mind maps. My mains score improved a lot because of Sachin Sir’s guidance. In my previous attempts, I scored normal marks in interviews but my marks in interview got sudden and huge jump this year. I got 198 Score ¡n the interview because of valuable inputs by Sachin Sir.


Sachin Sir’s techniques and guidance were extremely helpful to me, especially his tricks and techniques. What to read and what not to read saved my time for productive things only. Sir’s techniques for prelims are undoubtedly the best.

About Us

Mr. Sachin Jain is an IRS officer of 2016. He has a unique distinction of cracking the UPSC CSE not only once but twice. He got AIR 712 (2015) and AIR 286 (2016).

He will be mentoring the students so that they get the exact method of cracking UPSC CSE. He has experience of guiding and mentoring of 1000's of students in last 11 years as he has been mentoring since 2012.

At ENSURE IAS, Sachin Sir acts as a friend, guide and philosopher to the IAS Aspirants and help them fulfil their dream of becoming part of the bureaucracy of world’s largest and most diversified democracy.

At ENSURE IAS, under the personal mentorship of Sachin Sir, students learn the nuances of the UPSC Civil Services Examination and the tips and tricks to crack this examination which makes the preparation journey of the students much easier and clearer.

The entire faculty team of ENSURE IAS consists of recently selected officers who are in touch with the dynamic nature and demand of this exam.


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