Common Doubts During the UPSC IAS Exam Preparation


Question: Why IAS is considered the best service in the country?

Answer: The reason is that an IAS officer is the backbone of the governance architecture of India. By becoming an IAS officer, a person earns high influence and prestige in society. After clearing the exam, an incumbent receives field assignments like heading subdivision and district which is an administrative division of a state. Furthermore, he plays a very crucial role in policy formulation and policy implementation by providing his field experience to the elected representative. This is the reason, all bright students who belong to premier institutions like IIT, and IIM opt for IAS even after leaving very lucrative jobs.

Question: Why the preparation for IAS is extremely essential for every student?

Answer: The preparation for the IAS exam comprises current affairs, quantitative aptitude, general knowledge, India’s constitution, economy, geography, etc that help students in cracking the exams like CAT, Banking services.

Question: What is the ideal time to start for preparing the IAS exam?

Answer: There is no ideal time to start for the IAS exam. It depends upon various factors like educational background, general awareness about day-to-day happenings, and most importantly general knowledge. In general, a student should start his preparation as early as possible. 

Question: Is the IAS exam really difficult?

Answer: It demands a lot of dedicated, single-minded, and focused efforts. Most importantly, it demands the right approach, the right direction, and quality study material that could fulfil the ever-changing needs of this exam. 

Question: What should be the right way to prepare for this exam?

Answer: The right approach is and step-to-step is the key for cracking this exam. This exam comprises eight areas that are known as ‘conventional areas’ like history, polity, and geography. An aspirant should study standard books for these areas with a special focus on conceptual clarity. After clearing the fundamentals, an aspirant should study the trends and various facets of the questions belonging to these areas that have been asked in previous year question papers. After getting a full grip on conventional subjects, an aspirant ought to focus on current affairs by studying national newspapers and quality magazines.

Question: My English is not good. What should I do?  

Answer: English is not a big issue in getting success in this exam. What matters is the analytical capability and expressing the concepts, and ideas in a very clear-cut and expressive manner. In addition, there should be logical connectivity and coherence in answers. There are many incidences that show an aspirant, though he belongs to a very humble background but he achieved top rank.

Question: My current affairs and GK are not good. Can I still qualify this exam?  

Answer: There are many candidates who belong to different backgrounds like engineering but under the right guidance, they are able to improve their current affairs and general knowledge up to the mark necessary for cracking this exam. 

Question: Why should I waste 1.5 lakh as a fee to crack this exam? 

Answer: If an aspirant pays attention to the name, fame, and recognition that he achieves after cracking this exam, this is not a big amount. In case, if he does not get success in this exam, the preparation for this exam imparts rich knowledge, skills like quantitative aptitude, and the right and mature approach needed to crack any exam like CAT, IBPS, GMAT. Therefore, it is not a waste of money. 

Question: What is the best coaching for an IAS aspirant to get the right guidance and approach necessary to crack this exam?

Answer: ENSURE IAS is the best coaching that was started by an IRS officer of batch 2016 who cracked this exam multiple times. In fact, under his guidance, his own brother also has been succeeded in this exam. Presently, he is an IPS officer. Furthermore, many selected candidates also guide and teach civil services aspirants.  

Question: How could ENSURE IAS help me, if I am not able to crack this exam in the first? 

Answer: ENSURE IAS has its head office in Delhi. An aspirant will be supported offline in Delhi after graduation.

Question: Why do some candidates start preparing for this exam even after quitting their high-paying jobs? 

Answer: The reason is that this exam proffers countless opportunities to serve the country in many capacities. By becoming a civil servant, an aspirant could serve society at large by uplifting the socio-economic status of the downtrodden section of society. These kinds of opportunities are not available in other jobs. 

Question: Are engineering subjects safe for qualifying for this exam?

Answer: No. Every year many engineers qualify for this exam but with different subjects. Public Administration and Sociology are the best options to get sure-shot success in this exam.

Question: Can a candidate prepare for the IAS exam by watching YouTube Videos?

Answer: No, it is a waste of time. Please think – Can a student prepare for IIT through YouTube videos?  YouTube videos are random and demand a lot of time to find quality videos. Moreover, these videos are not complete. These videos are free just to attract the paid course.