How to Begin?


Why IAS is considered the BEST job in the country?

IAS gets huge authority just after cracking the exam. No other exam in the country gives so much influence immediately after selection. Most brilliant students of best colleges of the country even after high-paying jobs keep trying for Civil Services.

Why IAS preparation is not only important but extremely essential?

IAS preparation improves personality and enriches the knowledge of everything around so much that this knowledge becomes handy in any other exams like CAT reading comprehension, Group Discussion, Interviews everywhere.

When IAS preparation should be started?

IAS preparation takes at least 1.5 years time and many people from good colleges like IIT, IIM, AIIMS, SRCC opt for jobs and even after cracking other good exams like CAT, GMAT, IES start UPSC preparation at the age of 25-27 and clear at the age of 28-30. So it's always advisable that one should start as early as possible. 

Is the IAS exam really difficult?

People who could not clear this exam call it impossible. Some call it 'Mother of All Exams'. But there are people who clear it at the age of 21 in the very first attempt with very good rank. It means if students follow the right direction and approach, anyone (even from a not very bright academic background) can crack it easily.

How can it be prepared?

Step by step approach is the key. There are mainly 8 areas (like Polity, Economy). The best standard book of each subject should be read, understood, and revised. The previous year's questions and test series should be done after one reading of these. Current affairs and newspapers should be started once one is comfortable in the static part in the first 6 months.

My English is not good, can I crack it?

Please watch videos of this year's rank 1 or many other toppers. Shubham Kumar comes from a humble background from Bihar. Still, he got rank 1. This exam requires analytical skills rather than mere good language.

My current affairs and GK are not good. Can I crack it?

Every year more than 50% of officers are from engineering backgrounds who have poor GK in the beginning but after preparing for 1 year, they learn the art to crack this exam.

Why waste a fee of around 1.5 lakh?

First of all, the annual fee for this huge course is not high.

Secondly, any student after any job will earn this amount in 1 month so should not hesitate at all.

Thirdly, For good students from good colleges, a special discount of at least 50,000 will be given.

How can someone train us for the toughest exam like UPSC, When he himself could not even crack pre?

ENSURE IAS is the venture of an IRS officer of 2016 Batch who cracked civil services multiple times. In fact, under his guidance, his own brother also cracked civil services multiple times, and currently, he is an IPS officer. In ENSURE IAS, many selected officers themselves will teach.

What if I could not crack in the first attempt?

ENSURE IAS has the head office in Delhi. Students will be supported offline in Delhi after graduation.

Why did some students start preparing after leaving huge salary packages?

After a job, the true reality comes into the picture. When high salary people compare their own college friends in IAS with huge authority, then they take a decision of leaving high salary jobs.

Should we take engineering subject as an optional?

Every year more than 300 Engineers crack civil services but not even 50 students crack with engineering subjects. Public administration and sociology are some of the best subjects to take.

Can one prepare for UPSC through YouTube?

Pl tell me..can one prepare for IIT through YouTube? YouTube videos are random so it takes a huge time to find a good video. YouTube videos are not complete. They are free only to attract paid courses.