Our Strategy


Other Institutes

  1. 1. In other institutes, selected officers don’t teach.

    2. In other institutes, teachers teach by different books and institutes provide different booklets. After 1 year of classes, students start reading standard books by themselves.

    3. In other institutes, monotonous paragraphs are taught. 

    4. In other institutes, multiple courses are run simultaneously like UPSC, SSC, Banking, etc.

    5. In other institutes, classes have no proper order. After some classes of polity, they start the economy, then they start other subjects randomly and then after few months again polity. It causes a lack of coherence in the minds of students.

    6. In other institutes, no future support is provided, after 1-year classes are over.

    7. In other institutes, if a class is missed, no backup class is provided.

    8. In other institutes, directly heavy topics are taught in the class.


  1. 1. In ENSURE IAS, many selected officers teach who themselves cracked UPSC CSE multiple times.

    2. In ENSURE IAS, standard books are taught directly. There will be no wastage of Students, precious time & they will be directly studying main books.

    3. In ENSURE IAS, diagrams, mind maps and memorization techniques are taught on daily basis.

    4. In ENSURE IAS, only UPSC CSE IAS EXAM classes are conducted, as we are specialized and expert in UPSC.

    5. In ENSURE IAS, proper chronology of subjects is followed as per the level of students.

    6. In ENSURE IAS, personal mentorship is provided by toppers even after the classes are over.

    7. In ENSURE IAS, recorded classes/videos are provided, if student misses some classes.

    8. In ENSURE IAS, level is gradually raised from basic NCERTs to standard books.