ENSURE IAS is a reputed coaching institute in Delhi that offers comprehensive guidance and support to aspiring civil servants preparing for the IAS exam. Here is an overview of ENSURE IAS:

    It's worth noting that while ENSURE IAS has been mentioned as a reputed coaching institute in Delhi, there are other coaching institutes as well that have proven track records and may suit the specific requirements of individual students. It's recommended to research and gather feedback from multiple sources to make an informed decision regarding the best IAS coaching institute in Delhi.

    Delhi is one of India's most popular destinations for IAS coaching, with many reputed coaching institutes in the city. Here are some steps you can take to join IAS coaching in Delhi:

    Remember, IAS coaching is just one part of your preparation for the exams. You also need to put in a lot of effort on your own, by reading books, solving previous years' papers, and practicing mock tests. Good luck with your IAS preparation!

    What Is UPSC Exam

    UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission, which is a central agency responsible for conducting various civil services exams in India, including the Civil Services Examination (CSE), commonly known as the UPSC Exam.

    The UPSC Exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the world, and the competition is very high. However, with proper guidance and hard work, it is possible to crack the exam and fulfill your dream of becoming a civil servant.

    How To Prepare For UPSC Exam 

    Preparing for the UPSC exam requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for the exam effectively:

    Understand the exam pattern and syllabus: Before you start preparing for the exam, it is essential to understand the exam pattern and syllabus. You should go through the syllabus thoroughly and create a study plan accordingly.

    Stay motivated and disciplined: UPSC exam preparation can be a long and challenging journey. Staying motivated, disciplined, and consistent in your preparation is crucial.

    Remember, UPSC exam preparation is a marathon, not a sprint. So, stay calm, be consistent in your preparation, and focus on the journey rather than the outcome. Good luck with your preparation!

    Why Choose to ENSURE IAS For UPSC Exam

    A good UPSC coaching institute can provide you with the necessary guidance, resources, and support to help you prepare for the exam effectively. There are many coaching institutes available, and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. ENSURE IAS is one such coaching institute that has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Here are some reasons why you should choose ENSURE IAS for UPSC exam preparation:

    In conclusion, ENSURE IAS is a good option for those who want to prepare for the UPSC exam with the help of a coaching institute. It provides the necessary resources, guidance, and support to help you prepare for the exam effectively.

      • Faculty: ENSURE IAS boasts a team of experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are experts in their respective subjects. They provide quality teaching, guidance, and mentorship to students, helping them grasp concepts and develop a strong foundation in the subjects.

      • Study Material: The coaching institute provides well-structured and updated study material, including books, notes, and practice papers. The study material covers the entire syllabus of the IAS exam and is designed to facilitate effective learning and revision.

      • Teaching Methodology: Ensure IAS adopts a comprehensive teaching methodology that includes interactive classroom sessions, audio-visual aids, and regular assessments. The focus is on conceptual clarity, analytical thinking, and answer-writing skills, which are essential for the IAS exam.

      • Mock Tests and Evaluation: The institute conducts regular mock tests and practice sessions to assess the student's progress and provide them with a real exam-like experience. Detailed feedback and performance analysis help students identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

      • Personalized Guidance: Ensure IAS offers individual attention and personalized guidance to its students. The faculty members provide one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions, counseling, and motivation to help students stay focused and overcome challenges.

      • Current Affairs Coverage: Keeping in mind the importance of current affairs in the IAS exam, Ensure IAS provides comprehensive coverage of current affairs topics through dedicated classes, discussions, and study materials. This helps students stay updated and enhances their knowledge of current events.

      • Past Results: Ensure IAS has a track record of producing successful candidates in the IAS exam. Many students mentored by the institute have secured top ranks and prestigious administrative positions, which reflects the effectiveness of their coaching methodology.

      • Infrastructure and Facilities: The coaching institute provides a conducive learning environment with well-equipped classrooms, a library, and other necessary facilities. The institute also organizes seminars, workshops, and guest lectures by eminent personalities and experts from various fields.

      • Research: Do some research online to find the best coaching institutes for IAS preparation in Delhi. Read reviews, compare fees, and check out the faculty and teaching methodology of the various institutes.
      • Attend demo classes: Once you have shortlisted a few coaching institutes, attend their demo classes to get a feel of their teaching style and faculty.
      • Choose a coaching institute: Based on your research and demo classes, choose the coaching institute that best suits your needs and budget.
      • Enroll: Once you have chosen a coaching institute, enroll in their IAS coaching program. Before enrolling, ensure you understand their fee structure, course curriculum, and other details.
      • Attend classes regularly: Regular attendance and dedication are key to success in IAS exams. Make sure you attend classes regularly and work hard to prepare for the exams.
      • The UPSC Exam is a highly competitive exam conducted in three stages - Prelims, Mains, and Interview - to select candidates for various prestigious positions in the Indian administrative services, such as Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), and many more.
      • The Prelims stage consists of two objective-type papers, General Studies Paper-I and General Studies Paper-II (also known as Civil Services Aptitude Test or CSAT). The Mains stage consists of nine subjective papers, including one qualifying paper in any Indian language, and one English language paper. The remaining seven papers are for General Studies and a paper for an optional subject chosen by the candidate.
      • The Interview stage is the final stage of the selection process, where the candidates who have cleared the Mains exam are interviewed by a panel of experts.
      • Read NCERT textbooks: The NCERT textbooks of Classes 6 to 12 are an essential source for UPSC exam preparation. You should read them thoroughly and understand the concepts.
      • Read newspapers and magazines: Reading newspapers and magazines such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, and Yojana can help you keep yourself updated with the latest news and events.
      • Refer to standard reference books: You should refer to standard reference books for different subjects. For instance, you can refer to books by Indian authors such as Laxmikanth, Bipin Chandra, and Ramesh Singh.
      • Practice answer writing: Writing practice is a crucial part of UPSC exam preparation. You should practice writing answers to the previous year's question papers and take mock tests to improve your writing skills.
      • Join a coaching institute: Joining a coaching institute can help you with proper guidance and resources for the exam. However, it is not mandatory, and self-study can also be effective.
      • Experienced Faculty: ENSURE IAS has a team of highly experienced faculty members who have vast experience in teaching for the UPSC exam. They can provide you with the necessary guidance and support to help you prepare for the exam effectively.
      • Personalized Attention: The coaching institute believes in providing personalized attention to every student, which helps them to identify and overcome their weaknesses.
      • Comprehensive Study Material: ENSURE IAS provides comprehensive study material that covers the entire UPSC syllabus in a structured manner. The study material is designed by experienced faculty members and updated regularly to keep up with the changing exam patterns.
      • Mock Tests and Analysis: The coaching institute conducts regular mock tests and provides detailed analysis and feedback to the students. This helps the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.
      • Regular Doubt Clearing Sessions: ENSURE IAS conducts regular doubt-clearing sessions to help the students clear their doubts and queries about the exam.
      • Infrastructure: The coaching institute has state-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped classrooms, a library, and a computer lab.
      • Success Rate: The coaching institute has a high success rate, and many of its students have cleared the UPSC exam with flying colors.

    ENSURE IAS Contact Details


    22B, First Floor, Karol Bagh Metro Pillar No. 112, above Domino's, Karol Bagh, Delhi, 110060

    Contact Number

    7900-4 4-7900

    Batch Size

    60-70 Students.

    Teachers Information

    • Sachin Jain Sir (IRS) UPSC Expert
    • Ankit Jain Sir (IPS) Strategy Advisor

    Past Year Results

    • Pratibha (AIR 355)
    • Ankur Das (AIR 52)
    • Simran AIR (172)
    • Shubham Shukla (AIR 43)
    • Ashish Kumar (AIR 85)
    • Ritesh Kumar (AIR 541)



    Google Reviews

    • 4.6 Out Of 5 Stars (351 Google Reviews)