Timed-out judgment: A dispute arose over the request for a timed-out judgment against Sri Lankan batsman Angelo Mathews during the World Cup match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Even though it followed the rules, his actions were criticized for being unsportsmanlike.

Responsibility of different stakeholders in ensuring sports ethics.



  1. Government
  1. Promoting and monitoring code of sports ethics.
  2. Inclusion of sports ethics in school curriculum.
  3. Encourage research pertaining of complex issues in sports.
  1. Sportspersons
  1. Setting an example through personal behaviour.
  2. Refrain from rewarding practices
  3. Awareness generation pertaining physical and psychological changes throughout sporting performance
  1. Sports institutions/ organizations
  1. Publicize precise rules about what constitutes moral and immoral behaviour.
  2. Put in place mechanisms that penalize unethical behaviour and encourage sporting ethics.
  3. Promote rule changes that cater to the unique requirements of athletes who are at risk.
  1. Sport fans
  1. Show their team spirit without using any hurtful or derogatory remarks.
  2. Denouncing and rejecting prejudice in all its forms.
  3. Adhering to responsible online conduct and honoring athletes' privacy.

Constituents of Sports Ethics:



  1. Ethical virtues Elements Fairness
  1. Observe the set norms and rules of the relevant sports.
  2. Referees should not be biased or have a personal stake in the outcome.
  3. Participants in sports should not be subjected to discrimination on the basis of their gender, race, or sexual orientation.
  1. Integrity
  1. To refrain from engaging in or tolerating dishonesty, cheating, or dishonourable behaviour.
  1. Responsibility and Accountability
  1. Take responsibility for their performance, as well as their actions on the field.
  2. Players and coaches be up to date on the rules and regulations governing their sport.
  3. Players and coaches conduct themselves in an honourable way off the field, as well as on it.
  1. Sense of Respect
  1. Show consideration for other players as well as the customs of the sports.
  2. Not to participate in or put up with rude behaviour, such as calling opponents and authorities names.
  3. Respect for officials, teams, and other supporters is a must for all sports fans.

Ethical Issues therein:

Ethical Issues


  1. The idea - winning is everything
  1. Greater emphasis on the outcome of the game than on the way it is played.
  2. Paying less attention to the safety and welfare of the competition.
  1. Pressure of excessive competition
  1. Due to the professionalization of sports, involvement of global viewership, feeling of national pride, increased financial stakes and increased participation etc, the pressure on athletes is increased to conduct themselves unethically to gain a competitive advantage
  1. Law-Morality conundrum
  1. The interpretation and application of the established rules and regulations within the legal framework of sports sometimes lead to moral ambiguity
  1. Bracketed morality
  1. This perspective maintains that competition and sports are distinct from everyday life and exist in a space where morality and ethics are irrelevant.

Ways to promote Sports Ethics:

Inculcating Sports Ethics


  1. Education and awareness
  1. By implementing educational programs and emphasizing the importance of sports ethics, fair play and sportsmanship
  1. Role modelling
  1. Encourage athletes who embody the greatest moral standards to serve as good role models.
  1. Code of Conduct
  1. Create and implement a clear code of behaviour for officials, spectators, coaches, and athletes.
  1. Anti-doping initiatives
  1. Put in place strong anti-doping initiatives to guarantee fair competition and safeguard athletes' health.
  1. Media responsibility
  1. Encouraging ethical and responsible sports journalism that stays away from sensationalism and concentrates on fair reporting.
  1. Sponsor Responsibility and accountability
  1. Promoting ethically compliant business practices and conscientious sponsorship.

Quote on the topic:

When you go out on to that field it's going to be war. Sportsmanship is playing to the best of your abilities and then, afterwards, shaking your opponent's hand- Bruce Grobbelaar

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