Recently, a New York-based research lab and technology company Hume, has introduced what can be called the ‘first conversational AI with emotional intelligence’.

    About Hume AI

    1. EVI is the world's first emotionally intelligent voice AI. It accepts live audio input and generates audio and transcripts with vocal expression measurements.
    2. EVI is powered by its proprietary empathic large language model (eLLM), which reportedly understands and emulates tones of voices and word emphasis to optimize human-AI conversations.
    3. EVI is trained on human reactions to optimize positive expressions like happiness and satisfaction. It will continue to learn from users' reactions.
    4. By processing the tune, rhythm and timing of speech, EVI can determine when to speak and produce a more empathetic language with the correct tone of voice.

    What is a large language model?

    1. LLMs, or large language models, are a type of artificial intelligence (AI) program that can understand and generate human language.
    2. They are trained on vast amounts of text data, which gives them the ability to recognize and interpret human language patterns.
    3. LLMs are built using transformer models, a type of neural network architecture specifically designed for processing sequential data, like text.
    4. In short, LLMs are computer programs that have been "fed" enough examples of human language to become proficient at understanding and generating text.


    Q1) What is Emotional intelligence?

    Emotional intelligence (EQ), also known as emotional quotient, is the ability to understand, use, and manage your emotions in positive ways. This includes the ability to: relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict.

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