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We provide classes for only 1 Optional (Public – Administration):


[Q.1]    "Why Public Administration is the Best Optional?"

            15 Reasons:

1.         Extremely Interesting.

2.         Easy for students from any background.

3.         Maximum overlapping with GS syllabus.

4.         Shortest subject (3 months).

5.         Mandatory in the future.

6.         AIR 1 in 2020 by Engineering Student.

7.         No Competition from University topper.

8.         Material is easily available.

9.         Faculty himself cracked UPSC with Public Administration.

10.       Useful even after selection.

11.       Revision is extremely easy during exams.

12.       Scoring.

13.       Group learning is possible.

14.       No technical word.

15.       Success rate is high.


[Q.2]    Why ENSURE IAS is the best for Public Administration?

Ans.    Sachin Sir himself cracked IAS exam with Public Administration two times. His brother Ankit Jain (IPS) also got All Indian highest marks in Public Administration (311). Sir has been teaching Public Administration in various coaching Institutes for 7 years.


[Q.3]    What is the course duration?

Ans.     3-4 months. Around 200 hrs. It is the shortest optional available for IAS exam.


[Q.4]    Why fee is high?

Ans.     We provide

1.    Quality.

2.    Exam Oriented.

3.    Selected faculty.

4.    Sir’s notes from best books.

5.    Sir’s diagrams & charts.

6.    Includes UPSC types Test Questions.


[Q.5]    What is batch strength?

Ans.     30 - 50 students.